CODE NAME: Jane Doe -

A Call To Action


“Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure!”

Quote Courtesy of Angela Carter


A Call to Action


Back Cover Final Draft…

Here is a little sliver about the author and the story inside. :)

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Quote Courtesy of Mother Teresa

Writing Progress…

Come back and visit to see how the writing of the next CODE NAME: Jane Doe book is coming along. This won’t be updated every day, but when important things like a great flow, writer’s block, sending it off to editing and graphic design happens, I will update here, so that all of you can follow along through the process. As a reader, I was always a bit curious as to what the status of the next book was. Where was it? How much longer? Following the life and adventure of beloved characters is so addictive sometimes, but in a totally great way!

CODE NAME: Jane Doe - A Call To Action ***** UPDATE 4/4/22*****

Well EVERYONE is enjoying this first release. I am so very grateful. Amazon, however has not really helped my cause at all. In fact most retail stores, feel that by rejecting us authors, they are somehow punishing Amazon, when in reality they are punishing us brand new authors. It is rather disappointing for sure. SO, Since Amazon won’t let me advertise, I have sort of put them out of the picture, for now. I have opened the store right on this very website. I won’t have prime shipping, but it will be priority. Thank you all for your continued support. ORDER YOURS NOW! ♥ Jane

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Quote Courtesy of Katharine Hepburn

A Peek into the Life of Jane Darrcie…

Come back to see if I have been able to upload any new videos. Diving into the day-to-day life of an author isn’t really that exciting. Trust me, Jelena has a much more interesting life inside the covers of these books.  Although I highly doubt that my life is interesting enough to warrant this kind of coverage, it is still a nice way to reach out to the fans who are the only ones who can help me make that ‘Best Selling Author’ list.  I have set up a YouTube account in order to make my videos. Here’s the link….

Here is the Facebook Link: Jane Darrcie | Facebook

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra.”

Quote Courtesy of an Unknown Genius

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